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Tag: solo brainstorming

Best Brainstorming Tips in a Flash

Don’t have time to read a long post on creating ideas? If so, here are my best brainstorming tips, quick-snap. Let’s go!! Get your … … or to give them
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Leverage People’s Differences

This post is #7 in a series from a presentation on Creative Slip-Ups: The 11 Most Common Mistakes in Brainstorming. The introduction to the series is . The Problem: Forcing people
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Get away from the problem

Get Away From The Problem

Sometimes, to find your idea, you need to get away from it. It’s sort-of like looking for love. Last week, I overheard two people moaning about their inability to find a
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10 Characteristics of a Creative Person

When you read a typical list of the characteristics of a creative person, you sometimes have to wonder if it’s a complement. Some of them are attributes I admire now,
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Flash Cards

Jump to Instructions Whenever I need to brainstorm an idea – either by myself, or with a group of people – I pull out flash cards that I’ve made or
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Brainstorming Alone

Being creative at work often means using the people around you to stimulate discussion and creativity. But what happens when you need to be creative and there’s no one else
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Word Stimulus

A fast and popular brainstorm technique, word stimulus is a simple variation of free association. If you’re not sure what it is, free association is a mental game where a
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You Use Your Creativity Every Day

Many people believe the only time they use their creative thinking skills at work is during a brainstorm. In reality, you use your creativity every day – frequently so, often
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