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Posts under Creativity comprise the largest group, covering a range of topics from the background and history of creativity, different creative processes and innovation, linear vs lateral thinking, divergent vs convergent thinking, and general thoughts on being creative every day. Please use the Search bar to scan for other relevant words or tags.

Sharp Pain

Five Attributes of a Big Idea

Often it’s hard to define a  until you experience it. Until then – especially in the vicinity of a brainstorm – what are the key attributes of a Big Idea? In
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Being Strategic and Creative At Work

To understand how people were creative at work, I spent time watching and interviewing clients and colleagues approach a typical assignment. It was fascinating because everyone used a different system,
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make an idea

How To Make an Idea: The Master Recipe

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we had a recipe to make an idea? A recipe is valuable to a cook when preparing a meal. Its preciseness and instructions help prevent
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Best Brainstorming Tips in a Flash

Don’t have time to read a long post on creating ideas? If so, here are my best brainstorming tips, quick-snap. Let’s go!! Get your … … or to give them
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How to Generate Names for Companies, Brands and Products

Arguably the most important decision made by an organisation is its name. As the most visible form of its reputation, a good name … Serves as the foundation for everything the organisation
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How To Break A Creative Block

Sometimes there’s nothing more scary than a blank page. The act of creating – an idea, a thing, a solution – is tough enough, but made worse when we also
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What is a metaphor?

Introduction to Metaphors

Way back in 2006 when I commenced this website, I started with the question “” By comparing the Sydney Harbour Bridge to the wire coat hanger, I used a metaphor
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Can Creativity Be Taught?

An interesting article about an evergreen question: Can creativity be taught? Here’s the rub. The question isn’t answered in this article from FastCompany, but all the same, author Evie Nagy
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What is a Big Idea?

What Is A Big Idea?

It’s one of the most common questions in creativity. What is a Big Idea? Or perhaps more specific, what makes a Big Idea … well, a Big Idea? I often got the question from
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Simple Tips to Be More Creative Every Day

I was asked recently to give a lunch-time talk about creativity to a healthcare communications agency with a completely reasonable question: What are some simple tips to be more creative
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16 Ways to Be a Better Brainstormer

I talk often about how to facilitate a better brainstorm, but this time I want to focus on the participants themselves – specifically, how can you be a better brainstormer
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The Difference Between Being Strategic vs. Being Creative

At a recent meeting, a senior leader used the words being strategic and being creative in ways that I couldn’t decide if he knew what the words actually meant. Later, when I was
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