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Visual Thinking

Posts under Visual Thinking focus on how a person uses their vision as their primary sense to think, analyse, collaborate and critique. Please use the Search bar to scan for other relevant words or tags.

If you’re interested to know if you’re a visual thinker, visit the VARK website to learn about your learning preferences.

Using visual thinking to be creative

Using Images as Metaphors for Creative Thinking

Metaphors are one of the most useful tools in creative thinking. Figures of speech, they are useful to compare different things. However, metaphors can also be used as a visual
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Online Collaboration Tools

Best Online Collaboration Tools

Online collaboration tools are improving every day. There are the obvious ones, plus a few less common ones. By no means comprehensive, this list was originally gathered for my Design
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How To Break A Creative Block

Sometimes there’s nothing more scary than a blank page. The act of creating – an idea, a thing, a solution – is tough enough, but made worse when we also
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Mood boards

Mood Boards

Click here for Online Mood Boards Long a favourite of professional designers, mood boards are a curated collection of random images, words and textures brought into focus by a single reference point.
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Use Mental Stimuli For Brainstorming

This post is #6 in a series from a presentation on Creative Slip-Ups: The 11 Most Common Mistakes in Brainstorming. The Introduction to the series is . The Problem: People brainstorm
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Flash Cards

Jump to Instructions Whenever I need to brainstorm an idea – either by myself, or with a group of people – I pull out flash cards that I’ve made or
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Draw Your Problem

Jump to Instructions As a way to get the creative juices flowing, I often talk in brainstorms about focusing on the problem – whether it’s defining it, organising them into groups,
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