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Posts under Books and Videos include books, videos and other resources I use in my workshops or works that I generally recommend. There’s a specific TAG for, or please use the Search bar to scan for other relevant words.

Is Your Brain in Closed Mode or Open Mode?

Which mode are you at work? Are you in a Closed Mode or an Open Mode? Here’s two options. Which one sounds most like you at work on a ‘normal’
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The Quotable Feynman

Knowledge, Intelligence and Wisdom

Knowledge? Intelligence? Wisdom? Aren’t they all the same thing?? This will be my shortest post ever because it needs nothing else but the genius of Richard Feynman. Knowledge is having the right
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Is Linear Thinking Bad?

After attending my creativity workshop, a woman sent an e-mail asking whether linear thinking was bad. I understand why she’d think so. A quick Google search on linear thinking – or its
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Seven Different Types of Meetings

One book that keeps finding its way to the top of my shelves is How To Make Meetings Work, by Michael Doyle and David Straus. One of the most useful
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Six Ways to Ruin a Brainstorm, by Paul Sloane

This post on the ways to ruin a brainstorm comes from Paul Sloane, author of The Leader’s Guide to Lateral Thinking Skills. They say brainstorms are old-fashioned and no longer
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Group Brainstorming

The idea of generating ideas in a group setting is a relatively youthful concept, introduced in 1948 by Alex Osborn in his book, Your Creative Power, with further elaboration in 1953
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Levels of Problem Knowledge

So much creativity – if not business overall – is undestanding the problem enough to be able to eliminate it (and if not get rid of it, then either to
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