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Public Relations

Posts under Public Relations focus on the business of PR, the relationships between clients and agencies, new business generation and professional ethics. More general topics about PR are also found under the category of Communications. Feel free to use the Search bar to scan for relevant tags.


How To Tell If Your Messages Are Right

How To Say The Right Thing

Communications has been my entire career, and much of that career has been spent writing messages for someone else to say. At the time, I never knew how to saw
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Reasons Why People Reject Ideas

At some point, selling an idea means there’s a chance you may not win. The  client – a loose term I use to define the person who will approve your
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Expectations between Agencies and Clients

Almost every success – and problem – between a client and its agency can be traced back to its relationship.  Relationships of course are based on trust, and a significant
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What Good Listeners Do

Funny how some advice from the stone ages – say, 1971 – can remain relevant. This morning I found an article using the anagram SAFE, from What Good Listeners Do,
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How to Tap Employee Ideas

A great collection of thoughts by Tim Donnelly for Inc magazine on how to tap employee ideas, which is cleverly entitled How To Tap Employee Ideas. Here’s Donnelly’s introduction: “Encouraging your
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What Happened to Obama? A Case Study in Storytelling

An opinion piece on Barack Obama – What Happened to Obama? – in the New York Times on Monday is also a magnificent case study in storytelling. It’s a short,
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Quality vs Conciseness

From Fast Company, here’s an article about, an e-mail system which limits messages to 500 characters. Says a company spokesperson: “[The] length limit on messages is long enough to
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Can I Have That Idea for Less?

I’ve heard a lot of comments after I’ve presented an idea. This one is #10. Can I have that idea for less? Experience has taught me to respond to this
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Leadership Is Communications

Perhaps this sounds obvious, but Leadership is Communications. You cannot have a successful one without the other. This came to mind – yet again – as I’ve been staying at
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New Business: 3 Questions To Ask

If there’s one driver common among all agencies, it’s the desire to keep winning new business. But it’s also a difficult balancing act. How do you keep your existing accounts
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Adult Play and Creativity

Here are two posts about ‘play’ for adults, particularly in business. On one hand, it’s fairly well-known that play is an important ingredient for adults, both in creative thinking and
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Verbal vs Nonverbal Communications

You may not recognise the name, but Albert Mehrabian authored some of the most famous studies in communications research. His most well-known hypothesis: When two people communicate face-to-face, how much
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