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Just For Fun

Posts under Just for Fun are aptly titled: probably personal to me, odd-ball trivia, or just simply interesting or unusual. Please use the Search bar to scan for other relevant words or tags.

Fun Facts About Your Brain

On a searing-hot summer Friday afternoon when I don’t feel like working, here are some fun facts about your brain. As you’ve probably heard, the roughly six inches between your
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Overused Buzzwords and Psychobabble

My good friend Suzanne originally sent this link several years ago (2010?) of overused words and psychobabble, gathered from an analysis of press releases archived on PRWeb. If needed: Psychobabble
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Out of the Box? Or In the Box?

Curious about where the phrase out of the box comes from? In the 1930s, American industrial psychologist Norman Maier coined the phrase after the famous 9-dot puzzle which was a
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Eureka! Hirameita! Se Me Encendio La Luz!

We might not know exactly where an idea comes from, but Eureka! we certainly know when we find it. AHA! is a frequent cry of delight for those who speak
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Is Creativity an Art or Science?

I get this question in every creativity workshop. Is creativity an art or a science? Let’s put it this way. Creativity would be easier to define and learn if it
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