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My Training Philosophy

With nearly 40 years of experience conducting workshops, my philosophy is straight-forward.

I don’t teach anything I don’t have real-life experience.

That means I teach where I (and others) have been successful … but at the same time, when I wasn’t, what I learnt, and I’ll let you decide how to use it for yourself..

I make the topic as practical as possible.

I want people to be able to implement what we’ve discussed when they back to work. Philosophical conversations are wonderful, but if you can’t put into practice what we discussed in the workshop, what good is that?

I want the workshop and discussion to be as interactive as possible.

It’s more than engaging the brain. It’s putting hands to work and stimulating discussion and debate among the participants.

I teach multiple theories because no individual theory fits every situation.

I’d rather people see or experience different systems, extract the insights from all of them collectively, then analyse their current situation to determine what’s the best way to deal with the problem or improve the situation.

I rely as much upon the new as the old.

Yes, certain systems and theories have absolutely improved over the years, but there’s also a lot of incredible knowledge from the past that still deserves our attention.

Finally, I hope my workshops are both memorable and fun.

If no one learns, it’s a waste of people, time and money.