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Business Writing

Posts under Business Writing focus on improving effective writing skills through planning, organising and prioritising to achieve a positive business outcome. If you’re looking for help with business writing in PowerPoint, check out PowerPoint under Presentation Skills. Finally, feel free to use the Search bar to scan for relevant tags.

Only ONE Space After a Period

Just as I was starting to write this post, I came across an article providing the definitive answer to whether or not I should use one or two spaces between
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Key Principles of Good Communications

A client whom I’ve worked many times over the years asked if I had a list of key principles of good communications. Maybe they aren’t principles per se, as much
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Life Without a Back Space Key

December 7 (Pearl Harbour Day in the U.S.) made me stop and think about milestones. Some days of importance are tragic, others historic. The profound ones changed how we live.
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Quality vs Conciseness

From Fast Company, here’s an article about, an e-mail system which limits messages to 500 characters. Says a company spokesperson: “[The] length limit on messages is long enough to
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Good Rules of Business Writing

Good rules of business writing stick around, no matter the channel. In March 1982, I wrote the notes below from Introduction to Journalism Writing – a class taught by John
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Organizing Your Thoughts, Harry Potter Style

The website Film reported last week how author J.K. Rowling organised her book with nothing more than a pen, notebook paper and a grid system. You can see how she plotted it
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Overused Buzzwords and Marketing Psychobabble

My good friend Suzanne Ross of The Aerie Company sent this link to me a few days ago. As background, Adam Sherk – a search and PR strategist for Define
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Best Tips for Good Writing

When I taught a class in public relations at Columbia College in Chicago, a fellow teacher shared with me Frank Visco’s original list of tips for good writing, entitled How
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Categories of Questions

Previous posts focused on preparing questions, so today I want to cover the basic categories of questions. This list is not complete nor extensive, but it should be a good
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You Use Your Creativity Every Day

Lots of people believe the only time they use their creative thinking skills at work is during a brainstorm. In reality, you use your creativity every day – frequently so,
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