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Problem Solving

Posts under Problem Solving focus on an overall category of understanding as much as possible about the problem, including reframing and repositiooning the problem in advance of strategy  or brainstorming sessions. Please use the Search bar to scan for other relevant words or tags.

Strategic Thinking vs Creative Thinking

What’s the Difference Between Strategic and Creative Thinking?

I was asked recently by a communications agency in Sydney to answer some questions about the similarities and differences of Strategic and Creative Thinking as they began their annual planning
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What To Do If They Say No

The word NO is the simplest form of negativity. We’ve heard the word countless times growing up, working in business, dealing with personal issues. Despite how many times we get
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The Difference Between Being Strategic vs. Being Creative

At a recent meeting, a senior leader used the words being strategic and being creative in ways that I couldn’t decide if he knew what the words actually meant. Later, when I was
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Examples of Reframing

When trying to solve a problem, often we’re blinded by what we see in front of us. We might know too much about it. It’s so much easier to suggest
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Levels of Problem Knowledge

So much creativity – if not business overall – is undestanding the problem enough to be able to eliminate it (and if not get rid of it, then either to
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Point A to Point B

Defining the Problem

Every class I teach, whether it’s about any topic of business or generally about creativity, comes down to one word: the problem. In short, understand the problem, create an idea
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Alexander the Great and his creative solution to the Gordian knot

Problem Solving and the Gordian Knot

Details may vary depending upon which ancient Greek storyteller you prefer, but there once was a poor peasant named Gordias who decided to sell simple wares from his ox cart
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How To Write SMART Objectives

First outlined by George T. Doran in his 1981 article in Management Review, the system of SMART objectives is one of the most well-known method for writing objectives. Yes, there’s
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The Creative Brief

Jump to Instructions Jump to Download The creative brief is one of the most useful and adaptable tools in marketing and communications. Known by different names, the basic idea is this:  one
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Organising Information: The Force Field Analysis

Jump to Instructions Like its sister the , the Force Field Analysis is a familiar tool to organise information to extract its insights. The original model was developed in the 1960s
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Six Questions to Prepare a Presentation

Strategic Communications Planning

Jump to Model and Questions All successful communications initiatives start with strategic communications planning.  The question is which planning system to use? There are as many different planning processes as
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Out of the Box? Or In the Box?

Curious about where the phrase out of the box comes from? In the 1930s, American industrial psychologist Norman Maier coined the phrase after the famous 9-dot puzzle which was a
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