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Problem Solving

Posts under Problem Solving focus on an overall category of understanding as much as possible about the problem, usually by articulating, understanding, framing and repositioning issues in advance of creativity or brainstorming. Feel free to use the Search bar to scan for relevant tags.
analytical thinking vs critical thinking

Analytical Thinking vs. Critical Thinking

The step-by-step process of how information becomes ideas – the Information Chain – is one way to define ‘analytical thinking.’ But even that phrase is loosely defined because I often
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Strategic Thinking vs Creative Thinking

Differences Between Strategic and Creative Thinking

I was asked recently by a communications agency in Sydney to answer some questions about the similarities and differences of Strategic and Creative Thinking as they began their annual planning
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What To Do If They Say No

The word NO is the simplest form of negativity. We’ve heard the word countless times growing up, working in business, dealing with personal issues. But despite how many times we
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Want To Be More Creative?

I love these eight strategies mapped out in How To Cultivate Creativity, by author Tom Kelley (co-founder of IDEO). Simple, spot-on and succinct. Can I add one more?  9. Restrain
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What is a big idea?

What Is A Big Idea?

It’s one of the most common questions in creativity. What is a Big Idea? More so, what makes a Big Idea … well, a Big Idea? I often got the
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Rising Above the Sea of Information

A friend who knows how pathological I am about time sent me this quote, which I’ve since learnt is also known as Segal’s Law. “A man with a watch knows
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The Difference Between Being Strategic vs. Being Creative

At a recent meeting, a client kept using the words being strategic and being creative in ways that I couldn’t decide if he knew what the words meant. Later on, when I
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Problem Solving the Cause or Effect (Stop It or Mop It)

Understanding and articulating the problem (“a less than ideal state”) is a crucial step in creative thinking, but it’s also important to know if you are fixing the cause or
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Creativity is Problem Solving

In its purest sense, creativity is problem solving. You have a problem, so you generate ideas to solve the problem. Unfortunately, too often when I ask a team prior to a brainstorm what
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Lateral Thinking Puzzles To Inspire Creativity and Problem-Solving

As a kid, one of my favourite books was the series Two-Minute Mysteries by Donald Sobol, featuring the unflappable criminologist Dr. Haledjian. Sobol’s other famous books for kids – Encyclopedia
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The Key to Successful Brainstorms

Successful brainstorms are often a contradiction in terms, and in some cases, the contradiction is sometimes between the client and its agency. A few weeks ago, a client asked me
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Defining the Problem

Ironically, the problem for many people is the word ‘problem.’ Or rather, defining the problem may be the problem. Quite simply, there’s a lot of definitions. Here is one of
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