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Posts under Facilitation focuses specifically on the creative technique of bringing people together to generate ideas, such as providing relevant materials in advance, setting up the right environment and atmosphere, facilitating the meeting, leading icebreakers and exercises, and wrapping up so the best ideas can be further refined. Check out Games & Exercises for specific suggestions. Please use the Search bar to scan for other relevant words or tags.

Is Your Brain in Closed Mode or Open Mode?

Which mode are you at work? Are you in a Closed Mode or an Open Mode? Here’s two options. Which one sounds most like you at work on a ‘normal’
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Why hire a facilitator?

Should I Hire a Facilitator?

There isn’t a single answer to the question – Should I hire a facilitator? – because it requires a few additional questions to determine the best answer. What type of meeting
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Using visual thinking to be creative

Using Images as Metaphors for Creative Thinking

Metaphors are one of the most useful tools in creative thinking. Figures of speech, they are useful to compare different things. However, metaphors can also be used as a visual
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Best Brainstorming Tips in a Flash

Don’t have time to read a long post on creating ideas? If so, here are my best brainstorming tips, quick-snap. Let’s go!! Get your … … or to give them
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Is The Brainstorm Over?

A great article by Mike Brown from Brainzooming in the USA, this post outlines the 10 signs to look for to know if your brainstorm is finished.  Here’s the link
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Brainstorm Supplies

“Be prepared” is a mantra that stretches from Plato to Madame Curie to the Boy Scouts. It’s also relevant for brainstorm supplies. There’s nothing worse when your participants are ready
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The 90-10 Rule

At your last brainstorm, did you notice that 90% of the ideas were completely useless, but 10% were worthy of more discussion? If so, you’re seeing the unbreakable rule of
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16 Ways to Be a Better Brainstormer

I talk often about how to facilitate a better brainstorm, but this time I want to focus on the participants themselves – specifically, how can you be a better brainstormer
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Problem Solving the Cause or Effect (Stop It or Mop It)

Understanding and articulating the problem (“a less than ideal state”) is a crucial step in creative thinking, but it’s also important to know if you are fixing the cause or
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Is Bad Brainstorm Behavior Acceptable?

During a long bus ride recently, I finished the Australian novel The Slap. Perhaps I was hallucinating after eight hours without WiFi, but I found a lot of symmetry between bad behavior
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Ten Qualities of a Brainstorm Facilitator

When someone invites me out for coffee (literally or figuratively), it’s usually followed by the statement: “I want to be a brainstorm facilitator.” Like any occupation, facilitation is a valuable skill
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Brainstorm Early And As Often As Possible

This post is #5 in a series from a presentation on Creative Slip-Ups: The 11 Most Common Mistakes in Brainstorming. The Introduction to the series is . The Problem: More
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