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Analytical and Critical Thinking

Posts under Analytical and Critical Thinking focus on how a person analyses information to make decisions or solutions – from gathering data, to sorting and organising the information, to extracting insights through different methods which are complementary to Creative Thinking. Please use the Search bar to scan for other relevant words or tags.

Being Strategic and Creative At Work

To understand how people were creative at work, I spent time watching and interviewing clients and colleagues approach a typical assignment. It was fascinating because everyone used a different system,
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analytical thinking vs critical thinking

Analytical Thinking vs. Critical Thinking

There are two important phrases in business which are bandied about a lot. Analytical Thinking and Critical Thinking. Let’s face it. Some definitions are simply head-scratching. Sometimes a definition sounds
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Strategic Thinking vs Creative Thinking

What’s the Difference Between Strategic and Creative Thinking?

I was asked recently by a communications agency in Sydney to answer some questions about the similarities and differences of Strategic and Creative Thinking as they began their annual planning
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Stengthen Your Intuition in Ten Steps

Here’s how to strengthen your intuition in ten steps. Similar to creativity, intuition is something everyone understands at a basic level because we’ve all felt it. But, when pressed about
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10 Ways To Harness Your Subconscious

Being creative isn’t always about what’s right in front of you. More often than not, being creative means learning to harness both your common sense and your unconscious thinking to work more
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Is Knowledge Helpful or Hurtful?

An earlier post – – brought me lots of thoughts and comments around the topic of Information vs. Knowledge vs. Intelligence. All the feedback centred around one question: Is knowledge
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Is Linear Thinking Bad?

After attending my creativity workshop, a woman sent an e-mail asking whether linear thinking was bad. I understand why she’d think so. A quick Google search on linear thinking – or its
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Organising Information: The SWOT Analysis

Here are the comprehensive instructions to develop SWOT analysis, one of the most common tools to sort and analyse information. Credited to Albert Humphrey and his work at the Stanford
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The Different Types of Questions

There are four basic and different types of questions. Most people know of two types:  closed and open, but let’s drill down a little deeper. Definitions Closed questions confirm specific information you already
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The Value of Questions

It’s hard to under-estimate the value of questions. They are the most direct and most simple tool to get good information from another person. Yet, there is no such thing
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What is Intuition?

Intuition is a magical thing. It appears out of nowhere. We often feel it before we realise it’s there. Often we call it a gut reaction. We also can’t make
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