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My Preferred Definitions

In addition to the , I’ve created this work-in-progress list of my preferred defintions across all four areas of this website, with links back to the original article. Separately but
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The Quotable Feynman

Knowledge, Intelligence and Wisdom

Knowledge? Intelligence? Wisdom? Aren’t they all the same thing?? This will be my shortest post ever because it needs nothing else but the genius of Richard Feynman. Knowledge is having the right
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Being Strategic and Creative At Work

To understand how people were creative at work, I spent time watching and interviewing clients and colleagues approach a typical assignment. It was fascinating because everyone used a different system,
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make an idea

How To Make an Idea: The Master Recipe

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we had a recipe to make an idea? A recipe is valuable to a cook when preparing a meal. Its preciseness and instructions help prevent
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analytical thinking vs critical thinking

Analytical Thinking vs. Critical Thinking

There are two important phrases in business which are bandied about a lot. Analytical Thinking and Critical Thinking. Let’s face it. Some definitions are simply head-scratching. Sometimes a definition sounds
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Design Thinking Vocabulary

So many people have asked for my list of Design Thinking vocabulary from my workshops so I’m posting the complete (and growing) list here. If you have other words or
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Double Diamond Design Model

How Design Thinking Works

With so many Design Thinking models available to follow, I’m often asked in workshops why I’ve chosen the Double Diamond Design Model from the Design Council and not other more
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The Difference Between Negativity and Criticism in Brainstorming

You can’t have a proper conversation about creativity without eventually debating if there’s a useful role for negativity. Two recent brainstorms for the same team demonstrated the issue. I conducted
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Stengthen Your Intuition in Ten Steps

Here’s how to strengthen your intuition in ten steps. Similar to creativity, intuition is something everyone understands at a basic level because we’ve all felt it. But, when pressed about
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Word Stimulus

A fast and popular brainstorm technique, word stimulus is a simple variation of free association. If you’re not sure what it is, free association is a mental game where a
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