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Tag: metaphors and analogies

Using visual thinking to be creative

Using Images as Metaphors for Creative Thinking

Metaphors are one of the most useful tools in creative thinking. Figures of speech, they are useful to compare different things. However, metaphors can also be used as a visual
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What is a metaphor?

Introduction to Metaphors

Way back in 2006 when I commenced this website, I started with the question “” By comparing the Sydney Harbour Bridge to the wire coat hanger, I used a metaphor
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New Point of View

Here’s a simple and effective brainstorm technique entitled a “New Point of View.” Based on both the principles of  and  (using ideas from one area to solve problems in another), this exercise
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How To Use Metaphors To Inspire Creative Thinking

A metaphor compares an existing problem with another unrelated problem, object or situation. A useful tool in brainstorming, here’s how you might use metaphors for creative thinking and problem solving,
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How To Create Ideas

As I was running a workshop on ‘How to Create Ideas’ in London a few months ago, I saw a group discussion on LinkedIn where the author was curious if
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Brainstorming Alone

Being creative at work often means using the people around you to stimulate discussion and creativity. But what happens when you need to be creative and there’s no one else
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What is Creativity?

Let’s start by asking the most basic question. What is creativity? If that’s too big of a question to start, I’ll give you another question. Which of these two ‘coat hangers’
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