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Best Brainstorming Tips in a Flash

Don’t have time to read a long post on creating ideas? If so, here are my best brainstorming tips, quick-snap.

  1. Stand up.
  2. If no time for a proper brief, gather as much raw information as you can. Focus on the target audience first, then other aspects. Focus on top 3-5 insights.
  3. Start with an activity using the hands and eyes. I love ripping through magazines to create a mood board. Or, go here for some suggestions on ice breakers.
  4. Write all ideas on flip chart paper or similar – but keep them public. Let others contribute as they wish, or when the idea strikes.
  5. Get your first ideas out of the way. They’re crap, trust me.
  6. You can circle ideas you like, but don’t pick an idea until you’ve linked the top 3-5 against your key criteria. (For ex, does it help you achieve the business objective?) Here are some more examples of creative criteria.
  7. Get outside thinking. Invite people to brainstorm who are not part of the usual team.
  8. Go online. Instagram was made for brainstorming, but others work just as well. Use a relevant or completely unrelated hashtag to get some visual stimuli.
  9. Brainstorm outside, unless it’s freezing cold, then please don’t. Coffee shops are perfect for a small fun discussion. And tip your barista.
  10. Better ideas will come from the hashtags that have little to nothing to do with your topic or purpose.
  11. Nothing happened? Then stop. Let your subconscious work for awhile. But, keep pencil and pen handy.

Don’t forget to keep your supplies stocked. Not sure what to get? Click here for my suggestions.

What other ways have you used to inspire fast inspiration to brainstorming?  Please comment below.

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Best Brainstorming Tips in a Flash