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How to stall when answering a question

How To Stall For Time When Answering a Question

It’s one of the most common situations in business. You’re focused on a specific task in front of you, intent to finish on time, and someone comes along to ask
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How do you ask a question

How Do You Ask a Question?

Sound dumb, doesn’t it? I mean, come on: How do you ask a question? Is this a serious question? No, I’m not talking about Closed or Open Questions, or even Bad
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Leavitt;s Diamond outlines four independent components of change in any organisation: people, process or tasks, structure and technology

Leavitt’s Diamond

Tool Instructions How To Run a Workshop Sample Questions In 1965, the American management psychologist Harold Leavitt developed Leavitt’s Diamond (also known as Leavitt’s System Model) as a methodology to
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How to Break Your Presentation with Conversation

This post is #5 in a longer series of articles based on a presentation I gave to the Public Relations Insitute of Australia on “How To Make Your Audience Listen Better.” The Introduction
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Categories of Questions

One of the ways to help in  if not conducting a productive interview is to organise your questions into basic categories. The list below is not meant to be complete
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