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How do you ask a question

How Do You Ask a Question?

Sound dumb, doesn’t it? I mean, come on: How do you ask a question? Is this a serious question? No, I’m not talking about Closed or Open Questions, or even Bad
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The DIfferent Types of NO

The Different Types of NO

It’s confronting sometimes to hear the word NO. At the same time, don’t think of NO as a singular negative response because there are several different types of NO. Before
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The Important Difference Between Negativity and Criticism in Brainstorming

You can’t have a proper conversation about creativity without eventually debating if there’s a useful role for negativity. Two recent brainstorms for the same team demonstrated the issue. I conducted
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Overcoming Fear of Public Speaking

Whether speaking to a large group in a public setting, or presenting to a remote audience through technology, overcoming your fear of public speaking isn’t easy, but it is manageable.
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Is Bad Brainstorm Behavior Acceptable?

During a long bus ride recently, I finished the Australian novel The Slap. Perhaps I was hallucinating after eight hours without WiFi, but I found a lot of symmetry between bad behavior
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How Not To Be Creative

It’s a given that good ideas do nothing but ruffle up the status quo. Changes means disruption, and disruption means you’re not walking out the door at 5.01 pm. Let’s
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The Anti-Creativity Checklist

Maybe you’ve already seen this post: The Anti-Creativity Checklist? Originally compiled by Youngme Moon on YouTube, the video seemed to flood everywhere, generating both good and negative critiques along the
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Can You Switch Off Your Negativity?

This is a three part series on negativity and creativity.  Go here for Part 1: Negativity vs. Creativity or Part 2: Why Are We Negative?. I recently gained certification to facilitate Myers-Briggs Type
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When You Should Not Have a Brainstorm

I love a good brainstorm – properly conducted, of course – but at the same time, there are definitely times when you should not have a brainstorm. Like any business
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cluedo murder weapons

What Kills an Idea?

What kills an idea?  There are endless ways to murder one.  Here are my top 10 criminal acts that I’ve captured over the years running brainstorms. An idea dies because
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