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Communications Equation

How Communications Works, Step by Step (the Communications Equation)

Stages Examples Sample Problems of Each Stage As you scroll down, use the blue arrow button in the bottom right-hand corner to bring you back to the top. The Communications
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How To Tell If Your Messages Are Right

How To Say The Right Thing

Communications has been my entire career. Most of that time was me doing the communicating, but likely as much time was spent writing messages for someone else to say. To
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On-Camera Presentation Tips

Many moons ago, tips for improving on-camera appearances were exclusive to people giving media interviews. But thanks to new technologies – hello YouTube, Zoom, podcasts and the like – many
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What Makes a Good Communicator Good?

At a client workshop in Seoul (see picture right, many moons ago), I had 14 mid-level managers who were part of a Top Talent group of excellence. Of the six
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The Most Important Words in Leadership

I’ve long believed that the most important leadership skill is communications. And, I believe there are the most important words every leader needs to know. A good leader knows how
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creativity beyond brainstorming

Creativity Beyond Brainstorming

Outside of generating ideas, a surprising number of people have admitted to me over the years they didn’t know why they would need to be creative in the workplace. They
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