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Tag: finishing a brainstorm

Finishing a Brainstorm (#3 Verify)

The final phase in finishing a brainstorm is Verify – meaning, ensure your ideas do what you need them to do, such as eliminate the problem. Here’s the three steps.
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Finishing a Brainstorm (#2 Amplify)

The second area to focus when finishing a brainstorm is Amplify – that is, improve your average, mediocre and marginal ideas by merging ideas together, adapting or editing them, or
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Finishing a Brainstorm: Overview

There’s more to finishing a brainstorm than simply calling the meeting to an end. The last 15-20 minutes should be devoted to wrapping up a brainstorm in three steps. –
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Creative Criteria (‘Clarify’)

Before you go into a brainstorm of any type, you should ask yourself an important question:  what ‘creative criteria’ are you going to use to choose the best idea? Unlike
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Creative Churn

Without agreement on specific creative criteria, the repetitive ailment of creative churn sets in. Once for a New York client, we presented our best strategic plan for a networking opportunity.
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