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Conflict Resolution Workshop

The possibility of conflict can exist whenever two people in business come together.  This workshop focuses on understanding what creates and sustains conflict, learning the basic ways which  people deal with conflict, and deciding a plan of action toward resolution. If relevant, the workshop also addresses basic anger and stress management techniques.

Suggested Participants

Anyone who wants to learn how to deal with, address and resolve conflict among their team members, colleagues or customers.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand what conflict means and what causes it to occur
  • Learn the basic elements of the conflict resolution process
  • Realise the differing styles of conflict resolution
  • Adapt and flex the process to different conflict situations and personalities
  • Use essential anger and stress management techniques

Specific Points of Emphasis

  • An introduction to conflict resolution
  • The strengths and weaknesses of the differing conflict resolution styles, using the 
    • Competingbeing assertive and uncooperative
    • Accommodatingbeing unassertive and cooperative
    • Avoidingbeing unassertive and uncooperative
    • Compromisingbeing mildly assertive and mildly cooperative
    • Collaboratingbeing assertive and cooperative
  • Creating a neutral atmosphere for sounding out the conflict
  • Focusing on both individual and shared needs by generating options
  • Stress and anger management techniques

Workshop Variations

This course touches on some of the same territory as the Negotiation Skills workshop, but does not specifically show to manage negotiation.  Please check out the Negotiation Skills overview for more detail.

Workshop Details

The maximum number of participants is 20, and the minimum number is 6.  Depending upon the agenda and content, the workshop can be delivered either as a half- or full-day workshop.

For More Information

Please contact me here if you’d like to get more information about a workshop, including an initial agenda or estimate, or discuss how the content or materials could be adapted to your organisation.

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Conflict Resolution Workshop