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Category: PowerPoint

How To Prepare a Presentation in Six Questions

From an earlier post –  – I’m adding more detail on how to prepare a presentation in six questions. Notice the word prepare. Many people will find that an unprepared mind will
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Should You Ban PowerPoint?

“Let’s ban PowerPoint in our meetings.” What a common reaction, yes? On one hand, it is understandable but clichéd. On the other, it’s pointing the finger at the symptom, not
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The Best Keyboard Tips for PowerPoint

When presenting using PowerPoint, I’m a big believer in looking like you’re in control of the technology instead of it controlling you. No matter the keyboard (since they’re always different,
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Writing in PowerPoint

Some days I wake up to a marvellous gift via e-mail. This morning, my friend Hertha sent me this article from The New York Times on the U.S. military and
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