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Category: Business Writing

Only ONE Space After a Period

Just as I was starting to write this post, I came across an article providing the definitive answer to whether or not I should use one or two spaces between
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What Makes a Good Communicator Good?

At a client workshop in Seoul (see picture right, many moons ago), I had 14 mid-level managers who were part of a Top Talent group of excellence. Of the six
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Good Rules of Business Writing

Good rules of business writing stick around, no matter the channel. But are they still good, many years later, especially when there’s a new generation of people who’ve different opinions
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Overused Buzzwords and Psychobabble

My good friend Suzanne originally sent this link several years ago (2010?) of overused words and psychobabble, gathered from an analysis of press releases archived on PRWeb. If needed: Psychobabble
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Best Tips for Good Writing

When I taught a class in public relations at Columbia College in Chicago, a fellow teacher shared with me Frank Visco’s original list of tips for good writing, entitled How
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You Use Your Creativity Every Day

Many people believe the only time they use their creative thinking skills at work is during a brainstorm. In reality, you use your creativity every day – frequently so, often
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