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Category: Games & Exercises

LEGO Serious Play

You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation, said Plato. When was the last time you attended a business meeting
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What If?

Perhaps the most classic of all creative questions – “What if …?” –  is also a classic way to brainstorm ideas. It’s a technique with multiple names: I Wish …  I Want
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What is a metaphor?

Introduction to Metaphors

Way back in 2006 when I commenced this website, I started with the question “” By comparing the Sydney Harbour Bridge to the wire coat hanger, I used a metaphor
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Mood boards

Mood Boards

Click here for Online Mood Boards Long a favourite of professional designers, mood boards are a curated collection of random images, words and textures brought into focus by a single reference point.
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Lotus Blossom

Created by Yasuo Matsumura, a management consultant working in Japan, the Lotus Blossom may look elaborate, but it’s a simple creative exercise which uses free association to create ideas. This brainstorm
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New Point of View

Here’s a simple and effective brainstorm technique entitled a “New Point of View.” Based on both the principles of  and  (using ideas from one area to solve problems in another), this exercise
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For those of you who like the , here are more details, questions and synonyms for you to try. But first, a gentle reminder ,,,. Remember the 90-10 Rule / Sturgeon’s
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SCAMPER is one of the most well-known brainstorm techniques. The brainstorm exercise first appeared in Alex Osborn’s book Applied Imagination (1953). He outlined a series of challenge questions about a
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More Brainstorm Icebreakers! (Part 2)

This is a follow-up post to one of my most popular articles: Brainstorm Icebreakers. People working at their desk need to clear their mind and switch gears before they come into a
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Use Mental Stimuli For Brainstorming

This post is #6 in a series from a presentation on Creative Slip-Ups: The 11 Most Common Mistakes in Brainstorming. The Introduction to the series is . The Problem: People brainstorm
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