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Category: Brainstorming

Online Collaboration Tools

Best Online Collaboration Tools

Online collaboration tools are improving every day. There are the obvious ones, and less common ones. This article isn’t meant to be a comprehensive list, but rather suggestions from facilitators
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make an idea

How To Make an Idea: The Master Recipe

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we had a recipe to make an idea? A recipe is valuable to a cook when preparing a meal. Its preciseness and instructions help prevent
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Being Empathetic (It’s Not About You)

A bumper sticker for Design Thinking might read “It’s not about you” to unscore the point that no one cares what you think. Too bad lots of people don’t think
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Best Brainstorming Tips in a Flash

Don’t have time to read a long post on creating ideas? If so, here are my best brainstorming tips, quick-snap. Stand up. If no time for a proper brief, gather
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How to Generate Names for Companies, Brands and Products

Arguably the most important corporate decision made about an organisation, its brands, products or services is its name. Built upon a strategic direction or a unique selling proposition, a good
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How To Break A Creative Block

Sometimes there’s nothing more scary than a blank page. The act of creating – an idea, a thing, a solution – is tough enough, but made worse when we also
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Introduction to Metaphors

Almost five years ago, I started this blog with the question “Which of these two coat hangers is more creative?” By comparing the Sydney Harbour Bridge to the wire coat
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Mood Boards

Long a favourite of professional designers, mood boards are a curated collection of random images, words and textures brought into focus by a single reference point. They allow designers, creative directors and
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Is The Brainstorm Over?

A great article by Mike Brown from Brainzooming in the USA, this post outlines the 10 signs to look for to know if your brainstorm is finished.  Here’s the link
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Can Creativity Be Taught?

An interesting article about an evergreen question: Can creativity be taught? Here’s the rub. The question isn’t answered in this article from FastCompany, but all the same, author Evie Nagy
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