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Category: Strategic Thinking

analytical thinking vs critical thinking

Analytical Thinking vs. Critical Thinking

The step-by-step process of how information becomes ideas – the Information Chain – is one way to define ‘analytical thinking.’ But even that phrase is loosely defined because I often
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Strategic Thinking vs Creative Thinking

Differences Between Strategic and Creative Thinking

I was asked recently by a communications agency in Sydney to answer some questions about the similarities and differences of Strategic and Creative Thinking as they began their annual planning
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Stengthen Your Intuition in Ten Steps

Here’s how to strengthen your intuition in ten steps. Similar to creativity, intuition is something everyone understands at a basic level because we’ve all felt it. But, when pressed about
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The Difference Between Being Strategic vs. Being Creative

At a recent meeting, a client kept using the words being strategic and being creative in ways that I couldn’t decide if he knew what the words meant. Later on, when I
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Problem Solving the Cause or Effect (Stop It or Mop It)

Understanding and articulating the problem (“a less than ideal state”) is a crucial step in creative thinking, but it’s also important to know if you are fixing the cause or
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The Most Common Mistakes in Brainstorming

Recently I gave a presentation on Creative Slip-Ups: The 11 Most Common Mistakes in Brainstorming to the Worldcom Public Relations Group, the world’s largest partnership of P.R. firms with more than
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Did you hear the one about the man who called up a local church? The minister’s secretary answered the phone.  The man said, “I’d like to speak to the head
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New Business: 3 Questions To Ask

If there’s one driver common among all agencies, it’s the desire to keep winning new business. But it’s also a difficult balancing act. How do you keep your existing accounts
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Levels of Problem Knowledge

In his book The Concept of a Problem, Gene Agre defines a problem as “The gap between the current state of affairs and the desired state of affairs.” In other
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How To Write SMART Objectives

First outlined by George T. Doran in his 1981 article in Management Review, the system of SMART objectives is one of the most well-known method for writing objectives.  Yes, there’s
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