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Category: Analytical and Critical Thinking

HALT before a bad decision

Before You Make a Bad Decision, HALT

Worried you’re going to make a bad decision?  If you are, HALT. Of course we’re all like to make a good decision, but sometimes we’re human.  It’d be great if
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The DIfferent Types of NO

The Different Types of NO

It’s confronting sometimes to hear the word NO. At the same time, don’t think of NO as a singular negative response because there are several different types of NO. Before
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Your assets in a negotiation

Your Assets in a Negotiation

As with any new learning, it’s common for people new to negotiation to not feel 100% confident in their skills or behaviours, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have useful
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Being Strategic and Creative At Work

To understand how people were creative at work, I spent time watching and interviewing clients and colleagues approach a typical assignment. It was fascinating because everyone used a different system,
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analytical thinking vs critical thinking

Analytical Thinking vs. Critical Thinking

The step-by-step process of how information becomes ideas – the Information Chain – is one way to define ‘analytical thinking.’ But even that phrase is loosely defined because I often
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Strategic Thinking vs Creative Thinking

Differences Between Strategic and Creative Thinking

I was asked recently by a communications agency in Sydney to answer some questions about the similarities and differences of Strategic and Creative Thinking as they began their annual planning
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Stengthen Your Intuition in Ten Steps

Here’s how to strengthen your intuition in ten steps. Similar to creativity, intuition is something everyone understands at a basic level because we’ve all felt it. But, when pressed about
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10 Ways To Harness Your Subconscious

Being creative isn’t always about what’s right in front of you. More often than not, being creative means learning to harness both your common sense and your unconscious thinking to work more
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Rising Above the Sea of Information

A friend who knows how pathological I am about time sent me this quote, which I’ve since learnt is also known as Segal’s Law. “A man with a watch knows
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Strengthen Relationships with Stakeholders

Here’s an insightful post by Forrest Anderson, a colleague of mine from Burson-Marsteller days. He shares six tips to build and strengthen relationships with key stakeholder audiences. It’s a relevant
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