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Author: Andy Eklund

The One Secret of a Good Communicator

At dinner last night with some old colleagues, someone asked if the years had taught me the “best secret” to being a good presenter. (To someone who wasn’t in P.R.,
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Attributes of a Good Communicator

We may not know what precisely makes someone a good communicator, but we know it when we see it. In my Advanced Communications workshop, I ask participants to think of
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The Basic Rules of Email

Disagree with me if you like, but I believe the first basic skill you must master at work is managing your email. If you are not in control of your
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My Preferred Definitions

In addition to the , I’ve created this work-in-progress list of my preferred defintions across all four areas of this website, with links back to the original article. Separately but
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Is Your Brain in Closed Mode or Open Mode?

Which mode are you at work? Are you in a Closed Mode or an Open Mode? Here’s two options. Which one sounds most like you at work on a ‘normal’
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Productive Communication Workshop

Mastering communication should be the most important aspect of someone working in business today. If a person cannot motivate, convince, justify, inspire, or challenge through productive, dynamic communication, they will
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What makes good research good?

What Makes Good Research Good?

When conducting research, or even simply looking at a piece of information, it’s vital to understand whether it’s good. And by good, I mean true. As Luciano Floridi (2003) offered
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The Quotable Feynman

Knowledge, Intelligence and Wisdom

Knowledge? Intelligence? Wisdom? Aren’t they all the same thing?? This will be my shortest post ever because it needs nothing else but the genius of Richard Feynman. Knowledge is having the right
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Reasons Why People Reject Ideas

At some point in your career, selling an idea or recommendation to a key decision maker means there’s a chance you won’t be successful. However annoying or hurtful the rejection
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Why hire a facilitator?

Should I Hire a Facilitator?

There isn’t a single answer to the question – Should I hire a facilitator? – because it requires a few additional questions to determine the best answer. What type of meeting
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