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Attributes of a Good Communicator

We may not know what precisely makes someone a good communicator, but we know it when we see it.

In my Advanced Communications workshop, I ask participants to think of people they know in business who are a good communicator. What makes them good? What do they demonstrate? How do they make you feel as an audience member?

In other words …

What skills, attributes or knowledge does a good communicator have?

I adjust the list everytime I conduct the exercise. As of June 2024, tere’s the most recent complete list.

Please feel free to add any other thoughts in the Comments section below.


  • Has a mastery of English language
  • Knows the basics of persuasion and influence (see )
  • Uses positive verbal and non-verbal communications skills
  • Knows they always have an objective, if not a communication objective which directly connects to the business objective
  • Writes messages which are concise, clear and specific
  • Thinks on their feet
  • Can tell a story
  • Can ask a good question
  • Can listen well (they listen to what the person is trying to tell them, not waiting for what they want to hear)

Personal attributes

  • Authentic and believable
  • Honest, trustworthy and transparent
  • Positive
  • Proactive
  • Flexible, adaptable
  • Passionate, enthusiastic, engaging
  • Empathetic (they consider their audience, they are relevant to their audience)
  • Approachable (they will answer a question)


  • About their topic
  • About what they want to say (not say everything they know)
  • About how their message will sound in context
  • About which channels will best serve their messages
  • They have a good network so they have people to turn to when they don’t have the knowledge
  • They continuously learn

Please, add your thoughts and comments below.

One last thing!  There’s a similar article on the unwritten rules a good communicator knows.

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Attributes of a Good Communicator